K Whop


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Kaylon Steward,  known to the streets as  K Whop born March 21, 1984 In a small town in north Texas called Denison. His nickname was given to him by a friend(who is now his manager), in correlation with his  rapid ascension in the drug trade. Despite his involvement in the streets, all the older homies encouraged him to stay in school and graduate. It wasn't a problem because school always came easy to him. He started playing around with music at the age of 13, freestyling while recording himself over blank tapes. At the age of 14 he wrote his first rap on paper. Around 2004 he had full time access to a makeshift studio where he and a few friends began to write and record music more and more. By this time he was very heavy in the game, and still naive enough to think that he could make a million dollars selling drugs. He always loved making music, but he was way to consumed by the streets to take it serious. After his close friend who always kept me motivated to continue doing music was sent to prison,he kept the movement going for a few months but eventually got lost in his own legal problems. In January of 2006 he was incarcerated for numerous drug offenses(state and federal) and would not be released until October 2015. During his time of imprisonment, he had the pleasure to stay two cells down from Twisted Black, a Texas rap icon. He heard him rap, and gave him a lot of pointers and valuable information about the rap game and encouraged him to give it his all upon his release.He learned first hand that it is a constant grind that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get close to where you want to be. He  has been blessed to have positive people around him and a diligent management team who keeps him focused and refuses to let him give up. He is here to stay and he will continue to make great music for the streets while giving you a snippet of his life story in each song.