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Born and raised in Denison, Pa!nt got his name from his friends as a young man running the streets, and it’s stuck with him. He always loved hip hop, but performing wasn’t something he considered. After he was picked up on assault and drug charges, Pa!nt ended up in the penitentiary at just 19. While serving his sentence, he really considered what he wanted to do with his life, and he started to develop his current life motto, “Grind now. Ball later.” This motto was the inspiration for one of the biggest breaks in his growing career when he collaborated with K Whop on the track, “GNBL.” 

“GNBL” came together while Pa!nt was under house arrest. During this time, he started to seriously consider hip hop as a career for the first time, and he started working on lyrics. After talking with fellow Sidebar Management performer, K Whop, about his aspirations, the pair ended up collaborating on “GNBL.” The track, inspired by Pain’s “Grind now. Ball later” motto, describes both Pa!nt and K Whop’s experience changing their lives after serving time. They also collaborated on two additional tracks from K Whop’s most recent album Supervised Release. 

After his collaboration with K Whop, he joined Sidebar Management as an artist, and recorded his first single, “Nobody” produced by 1DBThaPlug. Since the release of “Nobody,” Pa!nt has been recording pretty much nonstop. From his early life in Denison, to his time in the pen, to his daily grind as a father and rapper, Pa!nt’s lyrics tell the story of a life filled with struggle, joy, and change. 

Fans of the thug and gangsta rap style will immediately be drawn to Pa!nt’s heavy beats, story-telling lyrics, and complex rhymes. Pa!nt’s driving tempo and layered instrumentals make every track a hit.