PJ Ricochet


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After years engaging Dallas-Fort Worth fans and audiences across the country, Ricochet’s latest single is sure to be on your 2020 playlist.

Dallas, TX  With a sound like nothing you’ll hear on the DFW Metro hip hop scene, Ricochet’s most recent single, “Top Of The Year,” gives listeners a glimpse into the decade of work and change that brought him to the level of skill he presents to his fans today. You can download the single, “Top Of The Year,” on iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, Google Play, and your favorite music source.

Like much of Ricochet’s past work, “Neva Lock Wit a Opp,” combines rhyme complexity with a track by T Man Beatz that will get in your head and stay there. Sure to be on every DFW Metro hip hop fan’s 2019 summer playlist, “Neva Lock Wit a Opp,” showcases Ricochet’s developing skills as a writer and musician while maintaining the tell-it-like-it-is style his fans already love.

The story behind “Top OF They Year” is pretty simple - you can waste your time being angry about the challenges and opposition that will always come your way in life - or you can live your life. A refreshing perspective from a storyteller with a lot to say about overcoming the odds, “Top Of The Year” is all about strength, determination, and the power to endure in the face of life’s many uphill climbs.

About Ricochet

With more than a decade taking DFW hip hop audiences by storm, Ricochet says the reason behind his name is the energy at his shows, “When I spit, my energy bounces from me to everybody in my vicinity.” With past hit singles like “Clean as a Whistle,” and “She Bangin’,” Ricochet has made a name as a force to be reckoned with on the DFW hip hop scene. “Neva Lock Wit a Opp” cements Ricochet as a DFW hip hop heavyweight.


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