Yung Sire


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Kaylon Butler was born in Denison, Texas. Growing up on the Northside, Kaylon and his four siblings were raised by their mother who taught them to understand that nothing is ever handed to you - you have to be willing to go out and get it. This lesson has stayed with him, and it has been a major part of his musical career. Throughout his time growing up in Denison, Kaylon always loved music and especially enjoyed writing rap lyrics, and he even started to develop a bit of a following at a young age. Kaylon found himself involved in criminal activity and spent ten years incarcerated, but that didn’t slow him down. Instead, he continued to hone his craft, writing and performing for his fellow inmates who offered him words of praise and encouragement. He takes his artist name and musical inspiration from one listener who told him, “This is some king shit, you should be on a throne.” From this, he chose his artist name, YungSire. He also developed his own musical style that he calls “King Music.”  YungSire’s music can’t be put in a box - he moves to the beat of his own kingdom.

Today, Kaylon is ready to take the DFW Metroplex hip hop scene by storm. He never stops writing and developing his talents as a musician, and he’s excited to release his first single and album in 2019 under his artist name, YungSire. You won’t find another local performer who can compare with YungSire. He brings true skill as a writer and performer to his music that is truly like no other artists in the industry. Lyrically, YungSire’s brand of musical storytelling has been compared with the realistic imagery of J-Cole and Drake. When it comes to the music that supports YungSire’s lyrics, you’ll find an ever changing range of complex instrumentals and percussion. He never sticks with one type of music. Instead, he enjoys incorporating instruments and musical styles that fit the mood and emotion behind the song. As he continues to grow and develop as an artist, listeners are sure to find something new to appreciate in every song.


195163359598-Yung Sire - Sire's Symphony